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3-gatsu no Lion: 2x18

Burnt Field (Part 3) / Burnt Field (Part 4)

Ver 3-gatsu no Lion: 2×18 Sub Español Online, Descargar 3-gatsu no Lion: 2×18, 3-gatsu no Lion: 2×18 Sub Español, 3-gatsu no Lion: 2×18 Mega

It’s the final match of the Kishou Championship and the honorary title of “Eternal Kishou” is on the line for Yanagihara. As the shogi game approaches the final stage, Shimada is dominating. Yanagihara reflects on how he’s been entrusted with metaphorical relay race-like “sashes” from friends who have given up or retired from the professional shogi world. Even while feeling bound by this pressure, Yanagihara continues to play.

3-gatsu no Lion: 2×18

Mar. 10, 2018