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3-gatsu no Lion: 2x15

White Storm

Ver 3-gatsu no Lion: 2×15 Sub Español Online, Descargar 3-gatsu no Lion: 2×15, 3-gatsu no Lion: 2×15 Sub Español, 3-gatsu no Lion: 2×15 Mega

The commemorative match begins between Rei and Meijin Souya. There’s a clear gap between their levels, but Rei holds on tight to his opponent, which causes a lively discussion among staff members who are watching the match in a waiting room. However, during the middle stage of the match, Rei makes a move that will probably cost him the game. Even so, he doesn’t give up and continues to play, searching for the best possible move each turn. How will the match turn out in the end?

3-gatsu no Lion: 2×15

Jan. 27, 2018